School Structures

School Facilities

Given the size of Moorine Rock Primary School, we have been able to maintain access to an excellent range of quality facilities, which allow us to be flexible in how we structure our classes to meet the needs of the students.


Classroom Structures


We have an Early Learning Centre for our lower primary students from K-3. These students will have access to two classrooms in the one enclosed space, complete with access to their own play area, toilets and kitchen facilities.


In the Early Learning Centre there will be aFull-Time Teachers and three Part-Time Educational Assistants supporting students to share experiences and learn together. This allows for flexibility between whole class learning experiences and small group targeted teaching for the specific needs of different individuals.


Our Year 4-7 students make up our Senior Room and will have one Full-Time Teacher.


All classes will be supported by the Principal, helping to promote a whole school approach to teaching and learning.




  • Principal
  • Manager Corporate Services
  • 1 Full-Time Classroom Teachers
  • 3 Part Time Classroom Teachers
  • 1 Part-Time Educational Assistant
  • 2 Non-Teaching Support Staff

Other Facilities


  • Interactive Smartboards in every Classroom
  • WiFi throughout the School
  • Full School Library Facilities
  • iPad Trial in classrooms
  • Well maintain and presented gardens and play areas
  • Excellent outdoor playground equipment
  • Multipurpose undercover area
  • Outdoor common eating area