About Moorine Rock...

School History


Moorine Rock is 22 kilometres west of Southern Cross.  A School was opened here in 1926 but it was known as Parkers Range School. 

The School is situated on a large block which has an extensive garden, oval, basketball/netball court and 3 buildings that accomodate the Kindy to Year 1's, Year 2 to Year 3's and Year 4 to Year 7's.

We have another transportable building which houses our extensive Library.

The School has an average yearly enrolment of approximately 40 children which enables us to have small numbers in each class.

Most of the students travel from farms to School on the four buses which services the school.


School Vision


At Moorine Rock Primary School we aim to give every student the best possible start in life through quality educational programs focusing on the fundamental building blocks for life, such as Literacy and Numeracy.


We believe that every student can be a successful student given the right encouragement and opportunities. While life in a small rural community can be very different to other areas, we believe that it should be in no way a disadvantage to any student.


Not all students learn in the same way. Our programs are aimed at reaching all the different learning styles of each individual student so that they have every opportunity to experience success, both at school and in the wider community.